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AH 27 – Macalister-Smith / Schwietzke: Treaties and other Acts

Macalister‐Smith, Peter / Schwietzke, Joachim:
Treaties and other Acts in multilateral Conference Diplomacy. A brief Calendar of State Practice 1641 to 1924
(= Arbeitshefte der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für juristisches Bibliotheks- und Dokumentationswesen 27)
Düns/Feldkirch: W. Neugebauer, 2019. 440 S.

ISBN 978- 3–85376-327–8
L: 39,80 EUR [D und A]

The Documentary Extracts 1641–1924 are an integral part of this book, available online at the website of the AjBD:

Documentary Extracts 1641–1924.
Online Annex to Peter Macalister-Smith & Joachim Schwietzke, 
Treaties and other Acts in Multilateral Conference Diplomacy. A Brief Calendar of State Practice 1641 to 1924 (= Arbeitshefte der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für juristisches Bibliotheks‐ und Dokumentationswesen 27)
2019. 192 S.

Download: Macalister-Smith_Schwietzke_Documentary Extracts_1641–1924_Online Annex


The Calendar surveys over 450 treaties and other official acts worldwide in relation to 111 multilateral conferences and congresses convened by states from the 17th century to the era of the League of Nations.

The book is a meta-resource of state practice for study, research and ready reference in the history of diplomacy, and international law.

Die Autoren

Joachim Schwietzke
Library Director emeritus at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg, Germany.

Peter Macalister-Smith
is a member of the editorial board of JUS GENTIUM, Journal of International Legal History (Lawbook Exchange, Clark NJ, USA).

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